Multi flexible inline system

MB Bäuerle inline systems for creasing and folding to ensure maximum productivity.

The combination of the Pit Stop creasing and perforating machines with the folding systems from MB Bauerle allows efficient inline processing when products have to be creased before folding. MB folding systems of the model series prestigeFOLD NET, multimaster and multipli can be combined with the Pit Stop creasing machines.

Typical products are for example:

  • Laminated brochures or leaflets
  • Mailings
  • Book covers
  • Tear-off coupons

For this type of products MB Bäuerle has developed an inline system for flexible applications.

As processing takes place in one single pass, the risk of markings is very small. Moreover, intermediate stacking before folding is no longer necessary. The alignment of the sheets before and after the creasing process also ensures maximum precision.

A special characteristic of this inline system is the high flexibility for the user, because the most diverse production possibilities are available. The creasing and perforating machine can, for example, also be operated as a stand-alone system in connection with a flat pile feeder and the alignment track. The components are installed on a rail system so that the creasing machine can be shifted sideways or the fold unit can be moved in direction of the production, depending on the intended use. The benefits for the user are high productivity and minimum set-up times.

High-performance creasing and perforating system WF-D2H high pile

MB Bäuerle has developed the Creasing System WF-D2H high pile exclusively for creasing and perforating applications. The machine is of modular design and consists of the following components:

  • Flat pile feeder 52-SL NET
  • Alignment table ART 52
  • Creasing and perforating machine WF-D2H

The flat pile feeder allows a high stacking capacity of the material to be processed. The alignment of the sheets prior to the creasing process also ensures utmost accuracy in final finishing. The double head drive system of the creasing machine makes it possible to perform two processing steps inline (for instance creasing and perforating). The creasing and perforating system offers maximum operator convenience combined with minimum set-up times due to the intelligent machine control, the operation via a centrally located touch screen operator panel with integrated job memory and the high degree of automation. It is therefore ideal for the use in the further processing  of digital prints. 

  • 20 folds are pre-programmed
  • Other folds are freely programmable
  • Program memory for 200 repetitive jobs
  • Bar creasing machine integrated inline
  • Efficient production because creasing and perforating takes place in one pass
  • Maximum flexibility through arrangement of components on a rail system
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Creasing System
Creasing System
Configuration: Feeding - Creasing/Perforating - Folding
Feeding - Creasing - Folding
Configuration: Feeding - Creasing
Feeding - Creasing
Configuration: Feeding - Folding
Feeding / Folding
Creasing System WF-D2H high pile
Creasing System WF-D2H high pile
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