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MB Bäuerle History & Innovations


Greeting cards production line:
Integrated system solution for the production of greeting cards.

Creasing system WF-D2H:
High performance creasing and perforating system.


Successful integration of MB Bäuerle into the GUK-Group.


MB-System 438:
Intelligent input channel for all inserting systems on the market.

leafletFOLDER 21:
Manual fold module for package inserts for integration into cartoning machines.


Multiflexible inline system:
System for creasing in one pass for a versatile field of applications.


prestigeFOLD NET 66:
In addition to well-proven advantages such as complete automation and operator convenience, the new folding system offers even more flexibility because of the larger range of formats.

Product of the Year - autoSET B4 HighFLEX:

The high-performance multi-format inserting system autoSET B4 HighFLEX has been chosen Product of the Year in the category "Mailroom and Mailing".


Innovation in the production of mailings: The multipageMAILER allows the production of an individual cover letter with matching envelope in a single pass.


autoSET B4 HighFLEX:
The autoSET B4 HighFLEX inserting system combines high speed with unprecedented flexibility. The machine has been designed for those usages where maximum outputs with minimum set-up times are required.


autoSET XT:
The Inserting System autoSET XT can now process documents at a speed of up to 23,000 cycles/h.

autoSET B4:
The autoSET B4 line of inserting systems features a high degree of variability combined with top-level operator convenience. The inserting system handles all formats from DL to B4.


Second place at the Innovation Competition 2008 of the German Printing Industry:
MB Bäuerle received the Innovation Award for the fully automatic leaflet folder CAS 21/4 NET.

prestigeFOLD NET 38: 
Fully automatic folding machine with the highest ease of use and CIP4 compatibility for the lower size range.


Second place at the Innovation Competition 2004 of the German Printing Industry:
MB Bäuerle received the Innovation Award for the fully automatic folding machine prestigeFOLD NET 52.

prestigeFOLD NET 52:
First fully automatic folder with complete automatic setting.

autoSET 18:
Unique high-capacity inserting system with sophisticated automation for change of formats.


smartFOLD, trendFOLD:
Automation of folding for office use through the introduction of the A4-folder trendFOLD and the A3-machine smartFOLD.


CAS 21/4:
Development of the first computer-controlled leaflet folder for cartoning machines.


Introduction of the intelligent SetMATIC setting system:
The operator convenience of folders reaches a new level. Through SetMATIC, fold rollers, alignment rails and delivery rollers are also set automatically.

multimaster CAS 35:
Development of the computer-controlled folder for the lower format range (A3).


multimaster CAS 38: 
First solution for automation in professional folders for small formats.


multimaster CAS 52: 
Introduction of the second generation of computer-controlled folders.


Worldwide novelty CAS 524:
The first computer-controlled buckle fold- and combined buckle/knife fold system for professional applications in the format 50 x 70: CAS 524.


Fully automatic setting of fold plates:
Launch onto the market of the world-wide first folder with fully automatic setting of fold plates in the A3 format.


First step in direction of computer-controlled folding: 
The control unit PAZ automatically calculates fold lengths and displays setting measurements.


Flat belt:
A revolutionary change: Flat belt drive for fold rollers.


Development of the first "multipli" folding machine.


Mathias Bäuerle
The clockmaker Mathias Bäuerle founded the company.

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