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MB Bäuerle has many years of experience in the development and production of machines for print finishing. The core competences of the company are automated folding machines, high-performance inserting and flexible feeding systems.

Besides its function as an innovative supplier of standard components for print finishing, MB Bäuerle has also established itself as a solution provider for customized adaptation and integration of modules in complete systems. For this purpose we have cooperated for years with partners in the fields of digital printing, print processing and logistics.

For many of our customers the best way to an increased performance lies in integrated applications which enable new products and services. We show you where new values can be created with the help of automated and integrated production processes.

Industry 4.0 is a familiar concept for MB Bäuerle. When developing our systems, we have considered from the start that they are equipped with appropriate interfaces. Thus it is possible to integrate the machines into complex automated workflows and higher-level management information systems, because the efficiency of the overall process depends mainly on coordinated means of production.

Our experienced project teams from the fields of hardware and software have already implemented a wide range of projects for a variety of applications. Do not hesitate to contact us! We are looking forward to hearing from you and would be glad to develop a customized concept!


Inline solutions for the fully automatic production of delivery note pockets  

MB Bäuerle has developed a fully automatic inline production solution for delivery notes, invoices and shipping labels together with a cooperation partner. With this system, up to five shipping documents are digitally printed, collected, folded and applied to the shipping cartons completely inline. The delivery note pocket, which is at the same the shipping label, is also printed and applied automatically. A typical use for this procedure is the shipping of cartons whose shipping documents are applied at the outside of the package.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Fully automatic inline printing and processing
  • Individually printed documents
  • No need to store blanks
  • Material is saved because there is no waste
  • Application of the labels to cartons with different heights
  • Monitoring of the correct document allocation by means of barcode scanning

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Complex inline solutions for the further processing of digitally printed products.

MB Bäuerle has developed an inline solution in the course of which digitally printed products are automatically folded, stacked and banded in multiple-up production directly after the printing process.

The interface IF 42 conveys the printed products from the digital printing system to the fully automatic fold system prestigeFOLD NET 52 where parallel and cross folds are made before the folded products are pressed in the pressing station. Then the products are stacked, banded and placed on the conveyor. The banded packages can, for example, consist of two to 30 different fold layers. On customer’s request, the system is also equipped with a special soundproofing housing to reduce noise emissions. Flaps and doors in areas where settings are made ensure a good accessibility to the individual components.

Multivariable selective folding system with intelligent 3-channel control for a wide variety of applications

The multivariable selective folding system is characterized by its wide range of possibilities for feeding and processing. Its compact design and the good accessibility make the complete system very user-friendly. 

The system is able to feed, collect and fold documents of different formats. Therefore loading can be done either by means of a suction or a friction feeder or continuously from a roll. The mixed processing of folded and unfolded documents is also possible, for example in format A3 and A4. Documents can be retrieved by preselection at the operator panel or by means of a code on the document.

Processing is done by a patented accumulator which uses a special procedure to collect the different sheets before they are folded to the final format or pass the fold unit without being folded. A special selective fold plate is used for jobs where different numbers of sheets are collected and folded. It adjusts the fold plate stops to the number of sheets to be processed to get a perfect fold.

A camera system ensures permanent safety during the whole production process. Thus only perfectly processed documents can reach the delivery as complete sets.

As another option, it is possible to attach a booklet maker to the complete system to enable the production of voluminous brochures with saddle stitching.

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Integrated system solution for the production of greeting cards

The two folding machine manufacturers GUK and MB Bäuerle have developed a complex system for the efficient multiple-up inline production of greeting cards. With the inline arrangement of the modules the customer has been able to triple the output of his products compared with the previously used processing procedure. The modular design also makes it possible to realise without any problems a large number of other machine and manufacturing constellations to achieve maximum flexibility for the user.  

Sheet separation takes place by means of the flat pile feeder FSA 52 which features a high stacking capacity. After that the sheets are transferred to the alignment table ART 24 before they are creased in the Pit Stop WF FM-Speed creasing machine. The alignment of the sheets before creasing ensures maximum processing accuracy. The edges are trimmed in the subsequent cutting module SM 54 before the head and tail of the sheets are trimmed in the second cutting module SM 54 and the greeting cards are separated. The cut cards are then folded to their final format in the fully automatic fold unit prestigeFOLD NET 52. This fold unit is characterised by its fully automatic setting features. All the important modules such as alignment rail, fold plates, fold rollers and deflectors are automatically set up by means of the centrally placed touch screen panel. The integrated job memory also allows the quick processing of repetitive jobs, thus reducing set-up times to a minimum.

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Inline system to process confidential documents efficiently

As part of a project for a customer, MB Bäuerle has designed an all-in-one system where the inline production of confidential documents has multiple applications. By using so-called 'Pressure Seal Forms', confidential information (such as PIN or TAN lists) can be produced and sent quickly and efficiently.

Documents are fed from the stack to the cutting machine and separated into individual sheets. The sheets are then aligned precisely using the alignment table ART 52 on the fully-automated folding system prestigeFOLD NET 52. The folding system offers maximum operator convenience combined with minimum set-up times thanks to the intelligent machine control, operation via a centrally-located touch screen with integrated job memory and its high degree of automation. The pressure seal forms are treated with partial, pressure-sensitive glue which means that the glue is activated when the folded documents are pressed at high pressure in the PS 880 pressing unit, thus sealing the forms securely.

System advantages:

- Can be used with a continuous feed of material or sheets
- High level of accuracy thanks to the precise alignment of documents
- Folding system is easy to operate via touch screen
- Maximum productivity with minimal set-up
- Multiple applications

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