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Company profile

MB Bäuerle, founded in the Black Forest town of St. Georgen in 1863, has been involved in the development and production of machines for print finishing for more than 60 years. Its many trendsetting inventions and patents have had a great impact on the automation of folding machines. Today the core competences of the company concentrate on automated folding and inserting systems as well as system solutions. 

The folding machines cover a wide range of applications. The product range spans automated and conventional folders for print plants, bookbinderies and print processors, online and offline folding systems for digital printing, special folding solutions for lettershops, mailing systems, fold modules for inserting systems, special folders for the production of pharmaceutical package inserts and also folding machines for copyshops and offices.

Versatile high-performance systems were developed in the field of inserting machines, which are focused particularly on the needs of banks, insurance companies, public authorities, telecommunication and energy suppliers as well as service providers. Their key features are a high degree of automation, simple operation and an excellent modularity. This modular design allows diverse combinations of machine components and an optimized adaptation to customer-specific requirements.

Besides its function as an innovative supplier of standard components in the field of print finishing, MB Bäuerle has established itself as a solution provider for customization and integration of system modules. For many years, MB Bäuerle has therefore cooperated with well-known partners from the segments digital printing, postpress paper handling and logistics.

The fact that numerous industry prizes were awarded for folding and inserting machines underlines the innovative capability of MB Bäuerle.

Local branches and sales partners take care of service and distribution. In all parts of Germany, MB Bäuerle has direct representatives in several locations. In more than 60 countries all over the world, the products are sold and maintained by regional sales partners. 

A close cooperation with other companies is practised to realize special technical requirements. Market-orientation, innovations, modern technology and a high quality standard are the basis for this cooperation.

By joining the GUK-Group, MB Bäuerle's orientation as a competent provider of solutions will be enhanced and will result in many advantages for the customers of both companies. With its broad product portfolio in the fields of folding machines, pharmaceutical solutions and feeding systems, GUK offers a solid basis for a stable future. The family-run business, managed by the fourth generation of owners, stands for values such as consistency and reliability. Both companies have a long history in print processing. As a result of the merger, the great know-how of the employees and the close customer relationships can now be optimized.

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