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Delivery systems for all purposes.

The most diverse demands are made on folding machines.  Maximum efficiency can only be reached by optimizing the folding process from feeding the material to the delivery of the folded product. If, for example, a high-performance folding system has to run at a reduced speed because the delivery section is unsuitable for a particular job, the output of the complete system is reduced. That is why the choice of the most suitable delivery technology is a significant aspect of every investment decision.

Easy handling, smooth production, flexible use and a high performance capacity are the main characteristics of our delivery modules.

Each delivery module increases the performance of the folding machine, and with an inline or nearline pressing unit the efficiency can be increased even more.

Mobile shingle delivery AM 52

  • Infeed width 52 cm
  • Infeed height 60 to 93 cm (continuously adjustable)
  • Batches are marked by gaps in the paper stream or by a kicker

Mobile shingle delivery AM 52 - Tandem

  • Maximizing the capacity of delivery AM 52 to more than 2.1 m

Small format vertical stacker SKM 36

  • Infeed width 36 cm
  • Paper sizes max. 36 x 12 cm, min. 5 x 1.8 cm
  • Infeed height 60 to 93 cm (continuously adjustable)
  • Kicker marking during batch counting

Vertical stacker KS

  • Infeed width available 23.5 cm, 31 cm, 37 cm, 40 cm, 47 cm
  • Pile height max. 11.5 cm
  • Product thickness max. 3 mm
  • Infeed height continuously adjustable
  • Kicker marking during batch counting
  • Pile table extended to 72 cm optional
  • Reversed version also available for product pilling from the top to the bottom
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