• NET 21

leafletFOLDER NET 21

Folding pharmaceutical inserts better: user-friendly operation, reliable reproducibility, high productivity.

Packaging systems in the pharmaceutical and food industry are highly productive, versatile machines. Folding pharmaceutical inserts is just one of a large number of individual processes. Adjustments at the fold modules require special knowledge and are relatively time-consuming.

With its pharmaceutical folder leafletFOLDER NET 21, MB Bäuerle offers for the first time a computer-controlled fold unit for this type of applications.
Fields of application: Can be integrated into packaging and cartoning machines (online machine) or offline machine for pharmaceutical folds.

The novel operating concept reduces walking distances around the machine and set-up times. Operators need no special know-how and can concentrate on other tasks.

max. paper size216 x 320 mm
max. special paper size216 x 600 mm
min. paper size75 x 85 mm
min. fold length15 cm
Stack height on feeder2,000 sheets
(A4, 50 GSM)
Speedmax. 500 cycles/min
  • Proven, reliable feeder system
  • Swivel-mounted feed table for good accessibility
  • Easily removable leaflet transport module
  • Reading track with large read area
  • Driven by quiet and maintenance-free flat belts
  • Suction drum principle with adjustable suctio segments
  • Fold plate and deflector in one unit
  • Production of multilayer, pre-folded inserts
  • Maximum format length of 360 mm for gear ratio 1:1
  • Optional hold-down unit at feed table for maximum number of cycles

Comparable to an autopilot, the leafletFOLDER NET 21 computer control takes charge of the following jobs:

  • Automatic fold plate setting
  • No installation of deflectors when changing the type of fold
  • Automatic positioning of fold rollers
  • Automatic positioning of code readers
  • 16 fold types are pre-programmed
  • 200 repetitive jobs can be memorized
  • Accurate reproducibility of setting data for repetitive jobs
  • User-friendly operation through touch screen
  • Network interface allows complex integration via Ethernet
Swivel-mounted feed table for good accessibility
Feed table
Sturdy design for high permanent use
Professional scoring device for optimal further processing
Maintenance-free flat belt drive for quiet operation and the highest folding accuracy
Flat belt drive
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